See more of Africa Safaris Sports

The global sports tourism sector is identified as a potential driver of the continent’s tourism growth figures especially after the hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Although African Sports Safaris are not as popular as game viewing expeditions, the continent is quickly earning a reputation as a sports tourism destination thanks […]

The Best 5 Jersey Football Club 2015

1 | AC Milan Away – adidas are owning the replica game this summer for us. The new AC Milan away shirt is wrapped up in class, elegance and personality, from the horizontal pin-stripes to the one off Casa Milan crest. The perfect blend of simplistic design finished with a few characteristics unique to the club to […]

The benefits of sport shooting

Sport shooting is a sport that combines action and reaction well. Each shooter must have peace, endurance and self control are good also. With someone to do sports shooting, someone trained to perform high concentrations, thus being able to control themselves and making decisions quickly and accurately. If an athlete is required to have a […]

Tips on How Sports Running is good and right

The trend of people running sports are very popular today, both young and even to old age. Practical and efficient to make the most out of this sport is very popular today. One important thing to understand about running is how to run energy-efficient. You want to be able to run as efficiently as possible, […]

Identification of style practiced athletes, to get the maximum results

The above quote from AFL footballer Nathan Buckley reinforces that an individual can learn new information in ways other than verbalised coach instruction. While the use of learning approaches based on an individual’s learning style or sensory/perceptual preference has been prevalent in an educational setting for many years, the field of sports coaching has been […]

Linkages Dance and sport

Generally all artistic activities have the same benefits, namely recreation. With art, either as perpetrators or as lovers, everyone will be entertained. Dance is an art that can provide multiple benefits for both actors and audience. This article is taken from the example of dance arts of Indonesia. For the culprit, dance useful addition provide […]

Heating centrality before exercise

Warm up before exercise is essential. In fact, the warm-up before exercise is as important as the sport itself. If your body is not ready, it will endanger the health of your physical. Moreover, the type of exercise you do is type of vigorous exercise, such as weight lifting or football Without heating, you will […]

An effective way a healthy diet with exercise

If you are doing a healthy diet program in a natural way, without the use of drugs or surgery. A healthy diet can be achieved by exercising regularly. exercise to this diet is very effective in weight loss, and make a lethal weapon for those who diet. Any effective exercise to lose weight, including the […]

The Rugby world cup 2015 has been breaking records

The Rugby world cup 2015 has been breaking records and filling up news-stands across the country. While ticket sales have been rocketing, teams are continuing to train heavily for some of the most furious play-offs in history. According to the BBC, Brett Gosper, Chief Executive of World Rugby is thrilled to see such great turnouts. […]

Outdoor Sports Surfaces

Artificial outdoor sports surfaces at many sports facilities are commonly used as Multi Use Games Areas where a variety of sports are played- all on the same surface. However, as different sports have different requirements, the artificial sports surfaces can be so designed as to exhibit different playing characteristics. Let us examine some of the […]